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Official Call of Duty Ghosts Singleplayer Campaign Trailer

odin strike cod ghosts

Eager to get this years COD players hooked the official CALLOFDUTY YouTube channel just released their Single player Gameplay trailer, featuring astronauts with guns taking […]

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Battlefield 4, Games

Battlefield 4 Official System Requirements Released

quad bike vs helicopter

To get players ready for Battlefield 4 on PC, the Official Battlefield twitter account recently released their Official ‘Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements’. The Operating […]

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Gorelympics: Mortar Run (Battlefield 3)

Battlefield 3 Mortar run players lined up

The Gorelympics is a game show created by Wintergore which involves custom made game modes being created for games that otherwise would not feature them, […]

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Game News


Xbox one Banner

The Xbox One is set to release on 22.11.2013 in 13 territories around the world according the an official announcement by Xbox One on twitter. […]

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Game News

Dragon Age Keep Announced


One of the Mass Effect trilogy’s greatest features was the ability to continue a unique, tailored story based upon your choices through three separate games […]

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Battlefield 4, Tutorials and Guides

Battlefield 4 Flying Mechanics Gameplay Chages Z-11 Scout Helicopter

battlefield 4 scout helicopter

Wintergore managed to get a hands on with the Scout helicopter from battlefield 4 and he tells us a bit about the gameplay changes that […]

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Battlefield 4, Tutorials and Guides

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Changes that Affect Recon Sniper and Other Classes – Recon Guide

bf4 recon guide banner

Wintergores Recon Guide for BF4 (Relearning Recon) I (Wintergore) created a 10 min guide to the gameplay changes that will affect recon classes in battlefield […]

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Site News

Site Update


We’re currently in the process of updating Gamer Events! Please bear with us over the next few days as we will be tweaking the layout […]

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Game Spotlight, Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4: Top Ten Things To Try Checklist @ElgatoGaming


Saints Row 4 is soon to be released  (August 20-23rd) so Gamer Events & ElgatoGaming teamed up to create our personal top ten checklist of […]

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Call of Duty Ghosts, Game News

Call of Duty Ghosts New Game Mode ‘Portals’ Teased in Multiplayer Livestream!


Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer livestream trailer teased at a new game mode in Call of duty, by looking at hte footage Gamer Events have […]

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